Enthusion: January 16, 2017

emailheaderColossians 4:17 “Be sure to finish the work the Lord gave you.”

Many of us say something is complicated when in reality it’s just simply difficult. Saying something is complex gives us sanctioning to remain idle. While we are waiting on more information, for someone else to make the first move, or a more opportune time; days, weeks, and months pass. Recognizing that the task is just difficult, will set you free toward action, persistence, resolution. Many times we blame our inactivity on complexity to hide our timidity! When we are reticent to act we continually keep solutions just beyond our reach.

God is calling us to progression not safety, pursuing not settling, productivity not security. So differentiate between the complex and the difficult, decide to take on the difficult and move forward. The difficult will remain so, until you decide to do something about it. Make that tough phone call, address that uncomfortable situation, write that long overdue note, forgive, whatever! You will find after getting out of your comfort zone, 90% of those difficulties have real and reachable solutions. Today cease from calling the difficult complicated – and seize imminent freedom.

Chuck Lawrence
Pastor of Christ Temple Church


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